Tuesday, June 2, 2009

WOW!!! About all I can say. In these tough times we just pulled off third in our region in sales. I completely and thoroughly thank each and every one of you. Just to think of all the negativity that is out there and that we are continuing to grow is fantastic! We are starting off June as we speak and I will be putting up some specials on our website very soon. What a way to start! Talk about that great feeling inside. And in all... Thanks to you! Putting the word out and getting people to our very showroom.

Now its time to put our heads down and start the race all over again. In hopes to do it all over again or even place better! Seems Nissan is having the same thoughts as a lot of there rebates and financing options have stayed the same. Some changes but for the most part they are right on track with last month, if you want more details on that just ask. But this is more for a celebration. A toast with a cup raised towards you. As we have MADE IT! And you are the reason. So I am just taking a moment to say we appreciate it. Very much!

I hope you are having as great a day as we are. Thank you over and over for your business and continued support.

Jereme Erlandson

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