Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Public Sites

Hello again,

I know I have told you about a couple of our sites but wanted to be sure you can find us where we are and when you want. Is is about being able to reach us anywhere anytime right? First off I have my Google Talk. Berteranissan ( But I also have a list of sites you can reach me on or join me.

* Digg
* Linkedin
* Merchant Circle
* Nissan Club Forum
* Myspace
* Facebook
* Twitter
* Vox
* Dealer Rater
* Ebay
* AND Our main Site

Now please keep in mind this list is growing and growing. I want to be everywhere you are!

I will be back tomorrow to do some ranting for you to read. But today I just wanted you to know where I am. :) Maybe we will find something fun to discuss... You just never know. But it is the end of the month here and pretty busy these days! I love looking out my office and seeing all the people here. Stop by sometime... Even if it is just to say HI! ( I'd take a French Vanilla tho.. if its a large.. extra extra works fine but I am not picky. haha)

Well as always, I am going to ask you this... Keep smiling! And I hope your having a great day!

Thanks for reading,


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