Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Random Thoughts for Today

Hello again,

Summer finally seems like it is here and I know I LOVE it! With the beginning of every month at your Nissan Dealer Worcester  it seems the race is on to the end. We just had a great month and will do everything we can do do the same this month. (OR BETTER!) It is just as in anything in this life. A "cycle." Now whether your goals are further away like say 10 years.. When that time is up and your goal is met its time to start it over. Some goals are set for a year or even a month.. But you can start small and say whats my goal for today?? You would be surprised at your ending if you chose this path. We have a month to do what we need to here at Bertera Nissan. But what if there was no such thing as procrastination in day to day activities even in your life. How much more would be done. Or how much closer would you get to your goal before its actual deadline? And do not get me wrong here.. My point is simple and not along the lines of we waste time or we're lazy.. Just a different aspect from what is considered the norm for most. We are given a week.. month, year, and sometimes even more to achieve what is considered a "goal." Why not wake up get ready and say what can I do for this today. Set and do what we set out to for that day. The only way to chop down a tree is one swing at a time. And over and over until the job is done. So take your swing daily! We all know what we need to do. Day in and day out. Change it up just a little make it fun and you will probably get that little extra swing done without even noticing.

I learned a little acronym a long time ago from a friend that I think we all should know. P.M.A= Positive Mental Attitude! We all know a smile is contagious. right??? If not try smiling at a stranger and see what happens.. Yup you guessed it. They smiled back. Or even do it to someone you know. Well not a creepy smile cause you might not get one back. Or they might think your up to something.. Well you are.. lol. It is the same with your attitude. If its positive it rubs off. Same with the other side. We will call it the dark-side for conversation sake. Now if you choose PMA and step out of the house in the am or even better get out of bed with it your day just might seem a bit brighter. The nag through out your day might not be as bad or might even have some PMA rub off on it. There are those who just choose to be grumpy... So be it. It is a choice you know. An its your choice to choose PMA or the dark side. What will you choose?? I asked in another piece I wrote for you to pick a person and appreciate them. Today I am asking for you to pick you. Give yourself a little bit of love and love yourself for doing it. That's the truth behind PMA. So give it a whirl.. get up look in the mirror and say today is my day. Give it a "ROAR!" lol. No I don't do that but sounded good. :)

It always comes to this closing part where I get lost for words.. Have I said enough... Or to little.. Do you think I got my message across... Well that's just it. Its not all about what I write but what you take from it. Interpretation per say. It is not always what someone is trying to write or say with there words. Three people can read the same thing and get three completely different messages from it. Some just read the story. Some will look for a message in it. And some will try to see what the person writing it wrote it for. Now hows that for crazy.. LOL. Yes these are the things I think of when writing or reading. But I aim for all... There's your secret for the day about me. HAHA! Well I hope your having that great day as you should!

Smile! You never know who is watching... ;)

If you plan to Choose a Nissan be sure to let us know!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I can not thank you enuff! I greatly appreciate it and will be writing more in the coming weeks. I have had serveral projects on the drawing board keeping my busy but I will make some time very soon for added content here. Thank you again!