Thursday, November 19, 2009

A New Year here at Bertera Nissan

Why Hello Again,

  Yes I know it is not New Years just yet.. But another year has passed for myself. Yes a birthday. ;)  And I have taken a couple moments to reflect on years past. Well this one in fact for the most part. No I am not going to reveal my age.. haha! I will say it was not a, how do you say, quinte centennial or even 0's of any decent. You know... 20,30,40, or so on.. But just in fact a year has past. An anniversary of my birth into this world. And for that I am grateful. That and a long list of other things as well.

 But my knowledge of what this Reputation Management and Social Media is finally coming into the light. ;)
Now I know it has been awhile since my last post and for that I am sorry.. I have been busy here at Bertera Nissan. Creating and working and working and creating. One of my projects is a wordpress blog. Now I was recommended this by who I consider one of the top writers/bloggers/seo people out there. I mean this guy knows it all. I credit him for most of the things I do know to date on these subjects. Even if it was not direct contact with him it was from a piece he has written and I have read. I would say he is... A guru in this field.

 And the fun fact is most of us that do this (social media) have not a clue that we do it on a daily basis. There is a great article on this here. Most of us have our Facebook or Myspace or even a blog or 2 you write. Some even use Twitter as a way to connect with others in the world. And even if you do not write a blog, some comment on others that you may read. I have not gotten to the point where I get allot of comments but people do tell me they read my blogs and other things I write. And for me... that's a personal WIN!  I mean in all... Social media is just a way of sharing what we think is cool or interesting. A way of sharing that with others. Face it.. If I think something is worth taking the time to show or tell about... There must be someone out there that may also think that piece (what ever it may be) is worth taking a look at. (or at least I hope!)  ;)  And also to say.. HEY THIS IS ME.   Anyone that knows me knows I write more toward the positive side of the spectrum.  Or in a way motivational pieces. (when I write. haha)  Because I do believe emotion can run our life. So grab a hold of them! I smile allot.. I mean A-LOT.  Because I choose to. And also because when I receive one back I know that it made me feel good.. And I hope it did the same for the participant. A smile is like a hug without actually having to touch a stranger. HAHAHA.  Cause that would probably get you into trouble. Well now that I am completely off my original topic we will switch gears again....

Reputation Management as it has been deemed...  Is also a huge part of business. If your not in it. I urge you to get involved. Now this piece is more aimed at businesses. Owners and likewise.. I read earlier that even if you never intend to have a twitter or use it.. Sign your company name up. Put up 1 tweet with a link to your business site. I read this and thought, Wow... SO TRUE. Not that tweets fix your reputation in any way but if you do not have the account anyone can sign up as you and say what ever they want. So in a round about way yes this could save you down the road. Now I see an onslaught of review sites popping up every where. We have our own! and we are on a couple of others.  There are even company that will out right try and rip you off.  Take for instance. You get a bad review there.. Whether it be a fake or not and they want actual hard earned cash to remove it. and guess what.. You will have another as soon as that's gone. I cant speak loud enough when I say check your sources. Even if its a review site. Why not google them and see what others say about a site. is a great one from what I can see. Googled and all... Now what is reputation management really...  Taking the next step. Not just putting your self out there everywhere and hanging it up. Actually engaging you customers. I know for a matter of fact that not all consumers are happy. Even when they get what they want. But what do you do... This is where it really comes into play.  Lets play a little here..   Someone comes into your business and you can not come to an agreement for a product. Your customer leaves and is angry... but doesn't say a word. Just leaves. (these are the ones that worry me)  But goes home and finds you are listed on one of these review sites and T's off.  schaaaaaawing!!!  Here is your point of no return! You either say oh well and move on..  (HUGE MISTAKE) or.. Dive into this head first and not in any pushy or aggravated (remember we are all human) or agitated way. Try to come to terms with the consumer that works for everyone. And even if there is no way that a deal can happen or a common ground can be achieved. This is where your real reputation comes in...  Did you really put yourself out there for your customer? I know I will! And I want each and every person I come across to know this. HANDS DOWN. If I can.. I WILL. We are all in some way servicing our customers. I don't care if your an IT professional, Car Salesman, Chef, so on and so forth...  We all need to take a sense of pride in what we do.  And that is our/yours/mine to own.  REPUTATION.

 So for anyone out there... I want to hear from you all. The good AND the bad... If we do not know about it. We can not do anything about it. And I want to...  Do whatever I can for all of you.

Well that is all for today... Live well and live long!   Or as its is said at my house... Live, Love, Laugh!

Thanks for reading and keep smiling!



  1. I read this and I found it to be said with passion of who you are, what you want and an attitude that will get respected. A smile can be worth a thousand words. If more people realized that in giving you recieve and that goes along with you each day in your life.
    it also leaves someone else with a lasting impression that you created. I found this blog to be inspiring. You have a positive outlook and with that it clearly will bring to you and those around you a mutual understanding of it is what it is, straight up front and that isn't something found in everyone~ I'm impressed:)

  2. well said Jereme.. But I never expected any less from you!