Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bertera Nissan is doing some remodeling and additions! To people who know the area across the street from Bertera Nissan in Auburn Mass was a run down motel. See pic.

Well Bertera Nissan has purchased the land and is in the process of expanding our lot. We will need this area for our Commercial Line as we are approved from Nissan to carry and service these vehicles once they are available. http://www.nissancommercialvehicles.com/vehicles For more on the NV2500 Concept.

But it is an exciting time here with the holidays an all.  We have some brand new 42' TV's in the showroom (4 to be exact) for your viewing pleasure. Sunday and the games on.. Well its on here as well! We also just brought in a new vendor for our vending machines.  Remember when a soda was .65 cents.. Well guess what!?!  Its .65 Cents here NOW!  Coke, Mountain Dew... Just to name a few. Times are changing and we plan to change for the better. What ever we can do for you... WE WILL. Coffee is still the whopping price of FREE. ;) Even makes it one cup at a time. So its never that bottom/stale last cup. Its always a fresh new one just for you.

And in Nissan News...  New "BLACK FRIDAY HOLIDAY BONUS CUSTOMER CASH" is available on the Altima and Maxima!

* Altima now has $4,000 in rebates available on the 09 Hybrid, $2,750 on the 2010.

* Altima now has $2,250 in rebates available on the 09 Coupe, $1,000 on the 2010.

* Altima now has $2,250 in rebates available on the 09 Sedan, $1,000 on the 2010.

* Maxima now has $2,250 in rebates available on the 09, $1,750 on the 2010.

Also..  If you plan to use the special finance rates available....  You can still use $500 customer cash on the Altima and $1,000 on the Maxima. For either year.

 I am annoucing these items as they were released yesterday and are only good until the end of this month. Nissan knows that this is the best time to reach out to customers and is doing just that!

STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION...  Now isn't any business? Advertising, Marketing, Products are always changing. We are just also changing our landscape. :)


 Here is a pic of what Bertera Nissan expansion lot looks like today..

These first two photos are on our main lot where we are adding spots for our customers.

These are the lot across the street as it sits today. Very close to the final stages. Cant wait until its paved!

We are open during these projects and continue to change and grow everyday. Working to meet every need and expectation of our customers. It really is a simple rule. As are so many in our lives. And this post was about our work lives here. I do not normally post about work so it was a bit different for me. ;)

Hope your all having a great day! And if your looking for a New Nissan or Pre-owned car.. I hope you give us a try. You will be pleasantly surprised  :)


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