Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Arrival at Bertera Nissan

The 2012 Nissan GT-R arrived today at Bertera Nissan of Auburn. This Nissan is just magnificent. Its hard to think they improved over the first one..  Subtle as the items might be.. But the increase to 530hp! Thats HUGE! Just imagine smashing down the throttle as all 4 wheels chirp and boom... Your gone. The thrill of driving back in your veins... Thats what this dream machine is all about. Thrill! You sit in the cockpit and feel like a fighter pilot ready for take off. I think you get my point. ;) I took a couple photos to share with you. More to come once the GT-R is cleaned up and on our Showroom floor. Unless you come buy it first.... (Wink wink)

There are many reasons but this car is just an expamle why to Choose Nissan

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  1. Nissan plans to release three new electric vehicles within the next four years, according to an article in the Detroit News. Following the Leaf will be a commercial electric vehicle, a luxury sports car, and small urban vehicle.