Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cash for Clunkers now in the Past?

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So from the consumers point of view here the cash for clunkers is in the past... Right? Well for them yes it is. Now its the dealers turn for the games to begin... To start collecting from the government.. I will say that at our dealership we have started to get the approvals for payment to start trickling in.. And that's a GOOD thing! there is allot (yes ALOT) of money tied up in this.. But looks like it will all work out in the end. So my question is... WHAT NOW? I am definitely not into politics the way some people out there are.. But so when do we start paying back this money borrowed for this program.. And all the other bailouts... And if I heard right... Obama is now at an all but record low approval rating. If he has not hit a record low yet? I know for a fact I heard him speak of "Change" but man... I didn't know his idea was to borrow and spend more than any other president to date. And yes with another record.. Time will tell. That's all I know on that.

So with the program over as of last night at 8 its back to business as normal? I for one really hope so. I have seen and heard all of these bailouts.. Programs... And whatnot's.. Well I hope there is a plan in place to actually fix whats wrong. And get this country back on track. Are we not America.. Land of the free and brave! Lets figure out what we need to do... AND DO IT. Not a simple band-aid or quick fix. A real solution would be nice. Or so I think it would. ;)

For us here it is not really business as usual. Our server crashed yesterday and is out for repairs.. And let me tell you. You don't know how much you need a piece this important until you do not have it. With this item being our main focal point for all computers and the only piece that will tell the other computers that it is no longer there.. Man that was tricky. We are working with a skeleton of computers that will do one thing or the other at the moment. You can either access our internal work environment or the outside world and the web. But not both... Yea this is fun. Just gives a quick reality slap of how much we rely on items we do not give much thought... There just there and we use them. Never to think of the back up plan until its needed. But that seems to be the plan for all things. Don't mess with it if it is not broken. But when it does.. Watch out! Your in for one hell of a ride.

And in some cases we all love the ride.. Hey there are some good ones out there. I myself love to take my Harley out for one as often as possible. I also enjoy (yes I do) the one all New England sports teams take us. Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, and so on... They do it to us every year and for some we love it! Its not always about the destination... More the journey. So enjoy the "RIDE!"

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